Why Proven?

At Proven Behavior Solutions, we know what the research says about ABA, Speech, and Occupational Therapy, and we apply it.

We provide an intensive and comprehensive model of ABA therapy to all of our clients. We don’t just work on one or two skills – we develop a program to address skill deficits across developmental domains. This means that in just one session a child might work on everything from learning to communicate effectively and engage socially to brushing their teeth independently. This level of comprehensive instruction takes time and a lot of practice – meaning that most children receive between 20 – 40 hours a week of individualized ABA therapy.

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Why We Are Different

Joyful Intense Therapy

Intense therapy is hard work and it gets results, but we know that your child is more than just their diagnosis or the skills they need help with. Every child deserves to have a life filled with joy – and yours is no different. The children we work with may have tough days, but our approach ensures that their experience with ABA, Speech, and Occupational Therapy is an overwhelmingly positive one. We structure our programs so that they are filled with age- and developmentally-appropriate goals, meaning we don’t have children sitting at desks for hours on end. While a child may spend 3-5 minutes at a table, they spend exponentially more time learning through play! Like any child, they may not love every demand that is placed during their treatment sessions, but they love their teams and can’t wait to see them the next day! Intense therapy gets results. Joyful intense therapy gets continued results!

Foundations | Center & Home-Based ABA

Our Foundations program is what sets Proven apart from other ABA companies. Foundations is a focused wraparound ABA program offering intensive therapy, speech and language, occupational therapy, and advocacy services. Within this program designed for children ages eighteen months to six years, clients receive 30-40 hours of ABA therapy per week in our Norwell, Stoughton, and West Bridgewater Centers and in the home. Learn More

For families with school-aged children, or who are looking for an option outside of our clinical center, we also offer home and community-based ABA for children ages eighteen months to 15 years. Learn more

Special Education Advocacy

Unlike other ABA providers, we offer Special Education Advocacy services both within our ABA program as well as a standalone service. Learn More

Social Skills Curriculum

At Proven, we have created our own Social Skills curriculum based on an integrated approach between speech and ABA. Learn More

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We are able to provide a higher quality of care because of our intense focus on three areas:


A truly comprehensive intensive model of Applied Behavior Analysis and robust Speech and Occupational Therapy to help children with Autism are our core disciplines. We are not the “jack-of-all-trades & master-of-none” service provider. Nor are we practitioners with only school district experience. While we value the important role BCBAs have in the public school setting, we also know that having practitioners with experience in more intensive, clinical settings is essential. We are clinical experts with backgrounds in private and public clinics, specialized residential facilities, and intensive sub-separate academic settings for children with Autism.


Like all good ABA, Speech, and OT service providers, our programs are tailored to be unique to the individual. However, unlike many providers, we enthusiastically pursue consistent and extensive parent & caregiver involvement. Equipping parents & caregivers with the right tools to support their children on their own is a primary focus of each treatment plan, in addition to ensuring our programs address the parent’s or caregiver’s specific goals for their child. We also understand that kids need to be kids. Play is an integral part of our intensive clinical programming.


Better results, faster. That is what we have consistently provided to families throughout Southeast Massachusetts since our first day. Everything we do, from rigorous staff training to intensive clinical programming, to the level of administrative support we provide, is all focused on enabling transformational change for our clients as fast as possible.

Interested in a Consultation?

Reach out to Proven Today

Interested in a Consultation?

Reach out to Proven Today

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