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 The goal of the Social Skills program at Proven is to expand individuals’ social skills through shared experiences within a joyful and structured environment.

Our Philosophy

We firmly disagree with the common practice of using unstructured play groups with little oversight and support as an effective means of teaching social skills. We believe that each social interaction is an opportunity to empower the individuals we work with; therefore, every minute of programming must be purposeful. To achieve this, our team members are specially trained to hang back and only step-in to provide the help an individual may need in the moment, giving individuals space to develop confidence in their own abilities. At the same time, the experience must be fun. Every Social Skills group is structured to ensure progress comes through play.

What We Do

Our groups focus on learning and practicing important social skills—such as building friendships, problem solving social situations, and communicating effectively with peers—using a curriculum developed by our most experienced SLPs and BCBAs. Although age is a consideration when determining who will participate in a specific group, our priority is to ensure that groups are comprised of individuals who are working towards similar goals — providing ample opportunities for practice. Individuals must be able to participate in a group setting with minimal support.

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Our Social Skills Groups and Playful Connections are open to the public!  A diagnosis is not required to participate.

Our Social Skills Groups run throughout the year on Mondays – Thursdays, meeting once per week from 4:30-6:30pm, and are broken into six-week courses, each focusing on an overarching theme (e.g., being part of a team, self-advocacy). A typical session consists of group discussions, practice activities, and games focused on peer interaction, led by members of our Social Skills team.  Please click Here for Group Locations and Dates.

Social Skills Groups are open to children ages 5 – 10 years old, and they are offered in the evenings.  Click Here to Register for SOCIAL SKILLS.

Playful Connections are open to children ages 2.5 – 6 years old and are offered during the day.  Click Here for current schedule and registration information on PLAYFUL CONNECTIONS.

You may also Contact us for more information.
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