As Autism Awareness month comes to a close, we found this great list of businesses and individuals, compiled by Community Autism Resources, to support. And even though Autism Awareness month is coming to an end, we encourage you to continue supporting these businesses year round.

Here are just a few:

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GAP student artwork

GAP Students Art Show Fundraiser:
Our incredibly talented students at GAP are hosting an art fundraiser for Autism Acceptance Month!
For those who are not familiar with The Gottschall Access Program, it is a unique college experience program for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The Gottschall Access Program offers adults on the autism spectrum a unique opportunity to enhance their life, vocational and social skills which will enable them to participate in internships, and then eventually the pursuit of gainful employment. This will take place on the Fall River, MA college campus of Bristol Community College. Here, students will enroll in a 3-year program of specially designed courses and have full student access on the college campus. Placing an order is easy! The students have worked so hard and will continue to practice work skills by packaging the orders! In addition, they will be donating 50% of the proceeds to CAR! View all available prints and place your order TODAY!
The Spectrum Empowerment Project:
The Spectrum Empowerment Project is an independent corporation with the primary focus of empowering individuals with autism by providing opportunities for economic independence, social growth, and creative expression.
If you have screen printing needs, reach out! They do an AMAZING job!
Elena C’s Creations:
Elena Coln, 23, of Elena C’s Creations has autism and started creating lanyards and mask holders. Elena sells crochet and beaded items in her Etsy business as well as in several Cape Cod Stores!

Click here for the complete list from Community Autism Resources

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